Style Story: The Yusufs


We had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Yusuf sisters for Issue two last year! They are the ultimate duo who can do it all. And their style is no exception! They're both no strangers to experimenting with trends, mixing prints and wearing unique silhouettes. So we had to ask them about it! Read on for an exclusive excerpt from their Fall interview.

Take Turns Describing Each Other’s Styles

Nasteha: I think Nuni has a fun and feminine flare to her style. I often describe her style as very Korean. She has an effortless way of pulling anything off. She is able to put unexpected pieces together and somehow make it work.

Nuni: I describe Nasteha’s style as wild but chic. Her closet is filled with interesting prints, patterns and textures. I love how effortless and unpredictable her looks are. She loves to challenge herself, I sometimes have to tell her to tone it down a bit for certain occasions lol.


Vintage or designer? Which would you choose and why?

Nasteha: I would easily choose the vintage. I find that with Vintage, you have so much room to be creative and play with elements from different eras. You can literally be a different person each day of the week.

Nuni: I also love collecting vintage pieces especially during my travels. However, I’m currently more into investing in high-end luxury accessories such as handbags and shoes. I think if you work hard, there isn’t anything wrong with rewarding yourself with special pieces that you appreciate and can pass down to your daughters one.

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