Style Story: Aminah Ali


Describe your everyday look.

My everyday look consists of woolly cosy turtle neck jumpers, white socks, oversized puffer coats and a tote bag.

What inspired you to found your collective, 'Redefining Concepts'?

Being a young female Muslim woman living in London inspired me to found "Redefining Concept" as a platform that brings together a diverse community of upcoming and talented creatives. We aim to create an impact by being the platform that bridges young artists with their desired industry in creative arts. We implement this via visual projects that explore our response as young creatives, towards conventional concepts within our society. As a result, we produce content that conveys a more nuanced perspective of a certain topic while providing an opportunity for young creatives to get involved.

Tell us about the message behind your Adidas x Londons campaign?

The message I hope people will take from my involvement with Adidas, is that it’s okay and should be widely accepted for a woman of colour or a Muslim female to be involved in mainstream media. Whilst the media stereotypically portrays the hijab as a sign of oppression, to me the hijab is my identity and a sense of inner-freedom. We as young Muslim females should not shy away from mainstream opportunities- considering that they are in line with our values, rather we should embrace them to break these stereotypes.

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