Reclaim Your Self Care


In 2017 we were reclaiming our time thanks to Rep. Maxine Waters, and in 2019 - after listening to a much needed panel discussion at Girlboss Rally New York - we are reclaiming our self care!

During the Hustle is Real panel discussion, Brooklyn Decker (Finery Co-Founder) discussed how it’s impossible to be a dedicated business women, mother, wife AND on top of all that make time for self care. Listening to her talk about the unrealistic expectations set on women to be some kind of superhero who can do it all, made me think about my own self-care journey. I couldn’t agree more that as much as you want to soak in a bathtub with your essential oils and lit candles, it is just impossible most days to find the time in the day. The worst part is feeling like you're not woman enough for not wearing a weekly mask or not finding the time to drink tea and read a good book. The guilt that eats away at you because you chose to work on your business or take care of your kids instead of yourself is the worst feeling. That's why it was refreshing to hear the panel agree that it is just another unrealistic expectation put on today’s women…

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