How To Stand Out in The Workplace

Ever applied for a job or got called in for an interview and thought you killed it only to be saddened by the realization that you're never going to get the job? Well, first, we've all been there and second, we got some solid advise to help you stand out next time you apply!

1. Your resume should highlight your education, skills, work and volunteer experience

2. Your cover letter should focus on why you are interested in working at the company and why you are passionate about the field

3. Your interview should let your personality shine - at this point your potential employer knows your skilled and passionate so relax and show them who you are!

Quick Tip: Use Canva to create an aesthetically pleasing yet professional resume & cover letter. This is perfect for the girl that is looking to enter a creative career path & wants to stand out

This article originally appeared in Issue 1