Culture is Key


When you're just starting your career out you will find yourself focusing on applying to companies in your field that you are familiar with and that seem to have opportunities to learn and grow. At this point in time you are more willing to settle for base pay and may not go beyond the job posting to learn about the role or company culture. Despite all of the time spent submitting your resume and cover letter, you will often find yourself settling for the first offer you receive because you need to start somewhere.

If this description of a hypothetical life sequence sounds familiar to you then you know what is coming next. Typically, you will end up at a company where you dislike the work and the people, or dislike the people but like the work. Of course, both scenarios are not ideal, however you will be able to survive each day if you end up with the former rather than the latter.

Why you ask? Because in the first scenario you may not be doing work that is stimulating enough or exactly like what you expected, but that is typical of an entry level job. You are also within a company where you enjoy working alongside your coworkers, which is typically a direct result of great company culture.

In the latter situation you may like the work you do, but if you do not like the people you work with for whatever reason you will find yourself in an unhealthy work environment, which again is a direct result of the company's current culture. This will ultimately lead to an unhappy mindset and may result in you quitting and starting the job hunting process over again.

In order to mitigate the chances of falling into the latter situation and hopefully start your career at a company where you enjoy both the work and the people, we have 3 key tips listed for you so that you can start your career off right…

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